Ohio Game Dev Expo 2013!

2013-11-26 05:39:28 by ClickShake

Come play video games, hang out and win prizes on 12/7/13 in Columbus Ohio at the free showcase portion of the Ohio Game Dev Expo! The showcase runs between 10 and 8 at the Ohio Union on the OSU campus.

The games are developed in and around Ohio, and you can meet their creators while playing the games. Featuring over 40 exhibitors, including a 3D motion capture demo from YEI Tech, Extra-Life charity, Soulfire Software, and many more downloadable and mobile game developers from professional to indie. Steve Castro will be there showing Ballads of Reemus and other projects. There's also going to be over 180 game developers from Ontario, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana and of course all parts of Ohio. Stay for the after party and mingle with the devs!

There are also still tickets left for the Speaker Series portion of the event, where you can meet and learn from accomplished game dev professionals across the state, including FreshGames and BlueFrogGaming CEO's, all for only $15, which includes snacks and drinks.

Ohio Game Dev Expo 2013!

Zeebarf and Riftmaster's 2009 adventure game series A Small Favor is being rebooted in 2013 with reimagined art, much longer content, and for the first time in the series, side-scrolling navigation, allowing you to delve deeper into the world, exploring off the beaten path and finding secrets and side quests. But we can't make it without your support, so please check out our Kickstarter and consider giving a pledge (every dollar helps!): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clickshake/a -small-favor-2d-side-scrolling-adventure-game

It will still be a story-based adventure game which won't require fast reflexes, but we feel that instead of restricting you to a linear path, side-scrolling allows you to climb, dig, and go into tunnels and houses and generally open up the world.

Here are the originals which were point and click:

ClickShake is a 2-man game dev team formed in 2010 by Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth and Steve "EntropicOrder" Castro.

A Small Favor 2013 Reboot Kickstarter

Ballads of Reemus on Steam Greenlight

2012-08-31 19:18:31 by ClickShake

Steam Greenlight is a new service that allows indie game developers to get a shot at being included on Steam, if they get enough thumbs up from the community. It's pretty neat, just went live yesterday. There are already a lot of games on there, it'll be interesting to see how it plays out and which games get picked up from it.

We're hoping to get our first commercial game Ballads of Reemus included on Steam, but we need some up votes to get there. You can sheck it out here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetail s/?id=93093387

In case you haven't heard of Ballads of Reemus, it's based on Zeebarf's Several Journeys of Reemus series, but has fully animated cutscenes, voice acting and is much bigger. Featuring Josh Tomar as the voice of Reemus! It just released this year. Sheck it here: http://www.balladsofreemus.com.

Ballads of Reemus on Steam Greenlight

Zeebarf's The Visitor Returns in 2011!

2011-10-06 15:45:34 by ClickShake

Our most requested sequel will become a reality this Halloween with The Visitor Returns, taking the death slug back to Zeebarf's original point and click adventure style, with all the horror of the original and bloodier than ever!

Play as the alien monster as you devour and assimilate your prey, becoming more powerful with each kill. The Visitor Returns is now available for sponsorship on FlashGameLicense.com.

ClickShake Games is an indie game company founded in 2010 by Zeebarf and EntropicOrder.