A Small Favor 2013 Reboot Kickstarter

2013-05-01 22:09:49 by ClickShake

Zeebarf and Riftmaster's 2009 adventure game series A Small Favor is being rebooted in 2013 with reimagined art, much longer content, and for the first time in the series, side-scrolling navigation, allowing you to delve deeper into the world, exploring off the beaten path and finding secrets and side quests. But we can't make it without your support, so please check out our Kickstarter and consider giving a pledge (every dollar helps!): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clickshake/a -small-favor-2d-side-scrolling-adventure-game

It will still be a story-based adventure game which won't require fast reflexes, but we feel that instead of restricting you to a linear path, side-scrolling allows you to climb, dig, and go into tunnels and houses and generally open up the world.

Here are the originals which were point and click:

ClickShake is a 2-man game dev team formed in 2010 by Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth and Steve "EntropicOrder" Castro.

A Small Favor 2013 Reboot Kickstarter


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2013-05-02 08:11:13

I really hope you can get the funding, this seems to have limitless potential.

ClickShake responds:

Thanks LazarheaD. Ya we're planning to have the assassin travel to many different types of places like underground root dwellings, climbing vines on trees, climbing rocky crabs, all while tracking down assassination targets, sabotaging monitoring equipment or shady dealers.

If we get our funding we're hoping to make other adventure games in this style too if people are as excited about it as we are.


2013-05-02 10:53:55

It looks like you got...

*insert sunglasses ASCII here*

...a good eye for point'n clicks.

Maybe it's just me, but I liked more the original design of the gun that the one in the screenshot. It had the feeling of something truly coming from a corrupted, mad world. This one looks more like a Star Wars blaster.

ClickShake responds:

Hmmm, interesting. Maybe we can have different gun types in the full game, including the original gun.


2013-05-02 10:54:07



2013-05-02 14:07:56

if it isn't free im not going for it

ClickShake responds:

We hope to release something free and browser based too, to give a taste of the full version, so hopefully there'll be something for you too.


2013-05-02 16:42:12

you guys stopped making free stuff
its kinda ruining everything for people like me as i can't purchase games due to not owning a way to get them other than going to gamestop


2013-05-02 20:01:58

Best of luck to you.


2013-06-23 18:53:20

UGH. I am so mad I missed this! I was literally just thinking that if you guys had a kickstarter I would back the hell of out. Oh well, over a month too late. I'm really sorry you didn't get the funding! I bought and really enjoyed the Ballads of Remus, so I hope you guys at Clickshake won't give up making awesome games!!