Ballads of Reemus on Steam Greenlight

2012-08-31 19:18:31 by ClickShake

Steam Greenlight is a new service that allows indie game developers to get a shot at being included on Steam, if they get enough thumbs up from the community. It's pretty neat, just went live yesterday. There are already a lot of games on there, it'll be interesting to see how it plays out and which games get picked up from it.

We're hoping to get our first commercial game Ballads of Reemus included on Steam, but we need some up votes to get there. You can sheck it out here: s/?id=93093387

In case you haven't heard of Ballads of Reemus, it's based on Zeebarf's Several Journeys of Reemus series, but has fully animated cutscenes, voice acting and is much bigger. Featuring Josh Tomar as the voice of Reemus! It just released this year. Sheck it here:

Ballads of Reemus on Steam Greenlight


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2012-08-31 20:05:29

Definitely have my upvote.
Also this is probably one of the most interesting turns valve has taken.


2012-09-01 04:42:45

Hope it passes greenlight it'll hasve my approval love Reemus and Winnie the Pooh


2012-09-01 13:38:19

Looks great! Has my vote. :)


2012-09-01 13:38:37

Can't wiat until it's on Steam, btw!